The biobank

In accordance with Act 14/2007 of 3rd July on Biomedical Research (LIBM), a biobank is ‘a public or private non-profit establishment that houses a collection of biological samples for diagnosis or biomedical research purposes, and is organised as a technical unit in line with quality, order and purpose criteria'.

The University of the Balearic Islands Kidney Stone Biobank (BICUIB) is a university biobank set up to manage human kidney stone samples, alongside associated clinical data, in line with quality, security, confidentiality and traceability criteria.

In addition to managing the aforementioned samples, its main purpose is to use the samples for biomedical research, as per LIBM regulations and Royal Decree 1716/2011 of 18th November that sets out the requirements to authorise and operate biobanks for biomedical research and processing human biological samples, as well as applicable health and data protection regulations when undertaking biomedical research activities.

BICUIB is also a support platform for teaching and research within the University Institute for Research into Health Sciences (IUNICS), which includes the Renal Lithiasis and Related Pathologies Research Group.

The institute is registered at the Registry of Health Centres, Service and Establishments in the Balearic Islands under number 5353.